Park24 - resident-handover


  • Heavy paperwork for different parties due to complexity of subcontractor groups
  • Difficult to track the whole handover progress
  • A lot of lost documents due to many different parties
  • No records for analysing which parties are late of the schedule


  • Centralise all issue information and progress in one place
  • Ensure every party has the most updated floor and unit plans
  • Generate issue reports automatically for clients, contractors and sub-contractors
  • Notify contractors and sub-contractors who are responsible for each issue automatically


  • Reduce administrative workload significantly saving time and labour resources
  • Monitor real-time issue progress enabling dynamically adjustments to the handover plan
  • Analyse performance of all parties easily with SnagR’s customised KPI Dashboards
  • Enhance efficiency by reducing communication lead time between clients, contractors and sub-contractors using automatic notifications
  • Digitalise all forms and documents on SnagR and record activity logs

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