Company Solution

We dedicate to specialise for unique workflows on different projects, as well as to report and gain insights on corporate level. KPI dashboards can be automatically collaborated with high customisability.

Quick Setup

We understand our clients' pursuit for efficiency. From our experience, clients can finish setup and start using SnagR within one week. You can implement SnagR at any point of your project stage. Cut the wait and enjoy the productivity boost now.

Secure Data

Your data are secured in a separate server strictly protected by SnagR. You can also opt for self-hosting to keep your data within your company. Users are setup with different levels of authority, so while automated communication raises information transparency, we also ensure data security.

Unlimited Usage

To achieve smooth workflows and capture essential data throughout all processes, SnagR has no restrictions on usage, even including your company subsidiaries. Enjoy unlimited number of users and document repositories. The more users the merrier; the more data, the more insights.


SnagR is designed for the best user experience with intuitive interface. Anyone can get familiar with the software in an hour’s time. Our international offices will provide global support. We also offer training sessions to get you familiarised to the software.

Free Updates

We continuously enhance our software to cater the ever-changing market needs. And best of all, you can enjoy the benefits of the latest technology with no extra cost. Talk to our expertss to visualise how to implement SnagR in your project.

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