Quality Management

Data Transparency

Developers / Owners can view all contractor activities recorded on SnagR to ensure quality deliverables at all times.

Project Dashboard

Customise dashboards to monitor the real-time progress of projects accessible anytime, anywhere. These dashboards are interactive and can be drilled down or pivoted to monitor the project from different dimensions.

Contractor Management

Allocate Resources

Monitor real-time project progress to identify potential delays and bottlenecks, and allocate labour and resources accordingly.

Contractor Performance

SnagR enables developers and owners to monitor the contractor performance even without setting foot on the job site - take full control of the project from the office.

Try it Yourself

Full Audit Trail

Clear Responsibility

Record all processes and responsible parties securely for potential audit tracking.

Easy Retrieval

Any data logged using SnagR are stored in the cloud (clients can opt for self-hosting) and can be easily retrieved.

Resident / Tenant Handover

SnagR Home App

Homeowners and tenants can fill forms and plot issues on their mobile phone with the SnagR Home app, and all data will be synchronised to the property management. Save time and costs by eliminating the needs for tag-along inspectors or data-entry especially during the handover period.

Handover Progress

Handover is time-sensitive and issues have to be fixed before the contractual deadline. Monitor the handover progress with the real-time progress dashboard to ensure everything is done on-time.

Customer Satisfaction

Shorten reaction time & reduce error-prone manual processes, and provide real-time updates to home owners

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